My Mini-trip to Bluto’s Rat-Bilge and Velocicoaster With Wet/Dry Outfits

Early October weather in Orlando is a fun challenge at the theme parks!

Aerial shot on a sunny day looking down at a massive round raft with giant plastic seats inside a raging fake river, the people in the seats cringing as an even more massive cartoon-looking but very real curved pipe dumps a bunch of water all over them as they pass by floating underneath it
Getting “dumped on”- Bluto’s Rat-Bilge ride at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure. CreativeCommons, courtesy of Theme Park Tourist

On Sunday, Oct. 3, 2021, my husband and I did one of our favorite fall theme-park mini-trips for this time of year. The two-pronged goal was to hit Bluto’s Rat-Bilge and then right after that walk around to the back of Jurassic Park section to a newer goal: the brand…