When I found out about “The One-Minute Cure” daily oxygenating I researched more and then did it. This is for Tim Denning, my followers, and others, with love.

Close-up of a little brown mouse sitting on top of an opening petal of a giant yellow flower as if it’s his bridge to the outside world to surprise people

This morning I woke up thinking I was gonna work on my fiction and got devastating news from a guy in Australia I think of as a kind of writing mentor to me, Tim Denning, about the gradual loss of his hearing.

My heart fell and then I knew I…

Early October weather in Orlando is a fun challenge at the theme parks!

Aerial shot on a sunny day looking down at a massive round raft with giant plastic seats inside a raging fake river, the people in the seats cringing as an even more massive cartoon-looking but very real curved pipe dumps a bunch of water all over them as they pass by floating underneath it

On Sunday, Oct. 3, 2021, my husband and I did one of our favorite fall theme-park mini-trips for this time of year. …

Spoiler Alert: Endorian highlights with pictures of this great new ride

White futuristic full head Storm Trooper helmet glowing with green eye pieces and mouth guard, scratches on the metal and blood smears

Early yesterday afternoon my husband and I decided to try getting reservations to Disney Orlando Hollywood Studios to experience for our first time their latest ride “Rise of the Resistance.” We are both theme park and roller coaster fanatics and have been looking forward to this ride since they announced…

It’s a myth that you can quickly succeed like King by just keeping up a daily habit of “poor writing.”

A very tall white building leans to the right with giant plumes of smoke roiling out of it as its foundation collapses underneath it. A building implosion with people’s hands holding up cell phone cameras at the bottom as they’re taking photos of it.

Sure the age-old advice of “write every day even if it’s bad” might help you. But for fifty years it never helped me.

For fiction, my first love, I’ve tried the fast “poor” daily writing thing (and the slow daily writing thing) alternately over the years, and I’m now against…

How did I suddenly go from writing non-fiction to fiction?

Let me say ahead of time thank you for reading my non-fiction articles up to this moment in time. This is a blatant attempt to get you, my dear reader, to talk to me. …

Take Advantage of This Weird Trick I Use to Snap Him Back To Reality

Recently one day as my husband and I interacted, I was aware he was looking at me and even talking to me, seemingly in response to what I was saying, but he wasn’t getting my message and I was getting more and more irritated as usual. …

Some wives just want sex.

I feel for author Jennifer M. Wilson’s situation in this article. Unfortunately I need more than sex from a guy, be it husband or boyfriend. I need the deep emotional connection first in order to want what she’s written here. I almost envy Jennifer. …

Lovers of Psychological Suspense, Come With Me

Hey everybody! Thanks for following me! My life as a blogger just took an exciting turn and you’re invited in on the excitement!

I started writing fiction when I was only 6. I’m 61 now. I haven’t even known what genre I write in until I found a book called…

So by now you know about oxygenating and how I use it to stay healthy. But did you know you can get rid of odors with it? Or even clean your toilet?

Even though the Elixa.com site I bought my ozonator from had a tiny video tutorial mentioning disinfecting food and rooms with it, I hadn’t tried it yet until one day my husband came to me and said, “Come tell me if you smell this odd smell inside my car.”


I’ve seen the results with home oxygen therapy in my own life and I want to pass them onto you.

Be skeptical but take heart and read Madison Cavanaugh’s well-researched book about the science of oxygenating the body.

Two weeks ago I made two videos showing how to use a home water ozonator for my new YouTube channel. They’re called Ozonating Tutorials 1 & 2. My Youtube channel is being built as I write this and my video editor is about to post them. …

Troy Arrandale

Novelwriter since 6 (trying, cough lol) o3 got me over brain injury. Try me? get my free eerie? novelette at: troygirl.com or whydiddadnameagirltroy@gmail.com

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